Operation Potato Gun

Gunshots echoed dully in the distance of the mineshafts. A radio crackled. “We’ve got gizmos here!” a tinny voice shouted over the radio. “There’s about twenty of ‘em.”

Stevens looked up briefly from the laptop screen. Dammit, we needed a couple more days to run system tests, he thought. He looked over at the lieutenant, John Sayers.

Sayers saw him looking and said, “Get back to work, Stevens.” Sayers picked up the radio. “Clark, we need to give Stevens time. You know the plan; now execute it.” Sayers turned to Stevens: “You don’t have time for tests now. You need to finish and set the timer. Can you do it?”

Stevens swallowed. He had so much to do still. There were still hardwire connections to make and software to ensure was properly set. For Christ’s sake, the equipment had only arrived yesterday. “I think so, sir.”

“Get back to work then. We’ll give you the time you need to finish.” Sayers turned and walked out of the small man-made cave into the mineshaft, presumably to direct the defense of the mine.

Yeah, no pressure or anything, thought Stevens. He sighed and sat back down at the computer to finish configuring the software. Continue reading

Parallel Stories, the Second

As I mentioned before, I am putting out three related stories that I wrote (mostly) a couple years ago and only just recently finished. The first can be found here and it represents the universe we all know and love. This second story represents the next type of parallel universe: one within our own universe, but beyond the horizon of the observable universe.

And, without further ado, on to the second story. Continue reading

Parallel Stories, the First

A few years ago, I started attempting to write stories. I came up with a few ideas, but most were abandoned along the way. One story, really a set of three stories, I wrote almost to completion, but just didn’t get around to finishing until recently.

This particular set of stories was an attempt to illustrate the idea of parallel universes and how similar, while still being different, they can be. Also, as may be obvious, I had gone through a particularly bad breakup prior to writing these stories. I think that writing these was one of the many ways that I processed what happened and began to move on.

Like I said, there are three stories and I will post them over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy.

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