IMG_9608Hello. My name is Rob and I am a nerd. I originally started this blog to write seriously about science. Recently, though, I realized that I am not a journalist and never will be, so why should I pretend to be one?

Most of my writing here will be science-related, but I will post really whatever strikes my fancy. It may consist of news, it may be some original (and hopefully not horrible) fiction, or it may be something nerdy about Doctor Who, Cosmos, or Top Gear. Or something else that I haven’t even fathomed yet.

As the title of the blog indicates, I am doing this in my spare time. I am a full-time lawyer and I am married to a wonderful woman name Maria whom I help with her projects. You can check out her kindergarten blog at Kinder Craze. We also have a lifestyle blog about our engagement, wedding, and lives together at Crazy Together. So, my time can be somewhat limited and I hope you’ll excuse somewhat infrequent posting.

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